want new business leads?

Do you want emails from interested business owners forwarded to your inbox all day everyday like clockwork?

Here is how our Bizz Response program works:

1. Fill out the form below

2. Within 48 hours we will set up and start your campaign (this includes registering a new domain, creating a new email account, writing the copy, and sending the emails)

3. When a business owner replies to the email that they are interested, would like more info, would like to be called, etc., we will forward that email to the email address you give us below. We can forward the emails to multiple addresses, such as to your sales team, closers, or other people in your company.

4. Pricing : $40 deposit, then $25 per lead, paid in advance of delivery.

What niches are you targeting? NOTE: We will NOT WORK WITH any medical niche, roofers, chiropractors, doctors, dentists, solar, coaches, e-commerce, HVAC, gyms, adult, gambling, crypto, loan officers, lawyers, or MedSpas). We would love to pick a niche for you if you don’t have one in mind (Just write “Pick a niche for me”):

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